Want to learn how to map footpath accessibility?

Join our online workshops during Science Week.

What is Crowd4Access?

Crowd4Access is a Citizen Science project. It is a partnership between citizens and professional technology researchers who come together to learn how accessible are the footpaths of Irish cities.

Why take part?

Everyone has challenges when navigating the footpaths of a city. The wheelchair user and the parent pushing a buggy may need access ramps, the runner may need an even surface, the user of crutches may need shorter street crossings, the person with low eyesight may need a good contrast between footpath and the street, whereas the blind may need tactile pavement. We want to learn about the problems that you encounter when navigating the city.

How to participate?

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Share your experience

Participate in our Experience Sharing Workshops and share your experience in using the footpaths in Irish cities. Also, learn how other people use footpaths in different ways.

Take pictures of a footpath of your choice

Do a survey of your neighbourhood and surroundings by taking pictures of the footpaths and street crossings.

Add a footpath on the map

Include information about the location of a footpath and street crossings. Describe also if there are lowered kerbs and tactile pavement, or the type of crossing.

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